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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is a good radio to put in my ultra light/home built aircraft?

A. For a basic ultra light or VFR aircraft we recommend the Trig TY91.

Q. O.K.I have selected a radio what about an intercom?

A. This depends on your type of aircraft and your needs. In an open cockpit, we recommend something like the PS Engineering PM1200 (Experimental), as it has a separate Intercom PTT feature.

Q. How does the new airspace rules affect my use of the transponder?

A. Please give us a call regarding the new rules for transponders. Or consult the current rules and regulations.

Q. What exactly is the CAO100.5?

A. CAO 100.5 is a Civil Aviation Order which covers a range of periodic checks, including Air speed Indicators, Altimeter, Encoder, Transponder and Pitot-static Leak Checks

Q. Why doesn't my NAV ident or point?

A. This may sound silly and don't be offended but first check that the unit is switched on as some pilots have the habit of turning unused equipment off during a flight. Next check the circuit breaker and cycle it if possible. Check that the unit is seated in its rack properly. A properly seated unit has little or no movement in its rack. If all this fails then give us a call.

Q. Can I couple my hand held GPS to my autopilot?

A. Unfortunately only permanently mounted units can be coupled to an autopilot. CAAP 35-1(0) refers.

Q. What is an engineering order and why do I need one?

A. An engineering order sets out the design method using approved data to make a change to your aircraft such as installing a new radio. It is a requirement under CAR 1988 Reg. 42U to have approved data for a modification. A Part 21M CASA delegate can approve the modification. We have a Part 21M CASA delegate approved for electrical, instrument and radio modifications.

Q. Can you approve Flight Manual Supplements as well?

A. Yes we can.

Q. Can my airframe shop install my new radio?

A. Unless your airframe shop has a radio licensed LAME then they can only install the racks and antennas required for your new installation (with an approved engineering order or STC). Some airframe shops think they can carry out all the installation work required on a VFR aircraft, but this is not the case.

Q. My GPS was working fine. Now it won't pick up satellites. What is wrong?

A. Some times the press of the wrong combination of buttons or a flat memory battery can upset some of the data stored in the GPS. Before you send it to us for repair, check the current date and time. (don't forget it may be UTC time and date). If the date and/or time is wrong the GPS will be looking for the wrong satellites. The same will occur if the LAT and LONG is wrong. Also check the antenna connection and if possible try a borrowed antenna. If it has lost its Almanac then it will start to 'Search the Sky'. If this message come up then it may take some time for the GPS to find itself and lock on.

Q. I want to make my aircraft IFR. What are the requirements?

A. CAO 20.18 lists all the instrument and lighting requirements for the various categories of aircraft. Your aircraft must meet all these requirements and also have an electrical, instrument and radio inspection carried out plus other relevant AD's carried out. AIP GEN 1.5 lists the requirement for radio and navigation equipment.




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